High quality machined parts

High quality machined products for clients

This afternoon, there are many new parts that need finish QA for high quality machined products before shipment. The high quality is put as the first in Sheng Yuan Mechanical Equipment Engineering CO., LTD (SYM) For high quality machined products, there are several sections that need inspector stric
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precision machined parts

Heat treatment is also important to machined parts

Everyone know that heat treatment is important to metal machined parts. We handle a project for automotive parts recently, the part material is 16Mncr5, heat treat requirements on print : tensile strength.800-950Mpa, Surface Hardness 500HV1. There are at least three ways to meet this heat treatment
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aluminium machining parts

4 factors must be considered in aluminium machining

Precision Aluminium Machining In order to obtain dimension stable in processing of aluminium machining,you must consider below factors. 1.The stability of the machine itself Mechanical aspects: loose between the servo motor and lead screw, ball screw or nut bearing wear, insufficient lubrication bet
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high quality machined parts

3 simple ways to identify the stainless steel—To obtain high quality machined parts

How to obtain high quality machined parts ? If you want to obtain high quality machined parts,the key point is material.there are 3 simple ways to identify the stainless steel. 1.Magnetic test The magnetic test is the easiest way to distinguish annealing austenitic stainless steel and ferritic stain
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Precision turning service

2 Key ways to improve the productivity of hard turning

How to improve the productivity of hard turning? Different machine tools for hard turning. People are increasingly demanding high quality machined parts ,and life of products. Therefore, hardened surface .There are 2 ways to improve the productivity of hard turning. 1. Optimization Process Previousl
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8620 steel Properties

Know More About 8620 Steel Properties

You must to know about 8620 steel properties when you design mechanical components. 8620 steel properties, it is a low nickel – chromium – molybdenum medium hardenability, alloy steel. Characterised by good core strength and toughness in small to medium sections with case hardness up to
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automatic ultrasonic cleaning

How to get a clean precision machined parts

Cleaning Precision Machined Parts Due to get a clean precision machined parts,S YM introduction of automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, is mainly used for cleaning precision parts during the production process steps or the terminal products. Such as computer hard drives, the head carriage, drives, me
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