machining project
tube machined parts

You must to know the material specification for tube machined parts

We got a order of tube machined parts from a Canadian customer in October,big diameter with 65″ long,C1020 material, OD 8″ x 0.75″ wall, it’s difficult to buy this inch tube in China,unless make mold specially,but the MOQ is 10T. The offer we provided to custoer is based on O
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HV hardness testing

HV Hardness of metal machined parts

HV Hardness is the vickers hardness, and HRC is the representation of rockwell hardness.Their differences are mainly in the hardness test, the indentation shape is different.   The conversion between HV and Mpa Load 49~980 N,The conical diamond with the Angle of 136 degrees is pressed into the
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Israeli customer

Learning details of precision machining project from customers

Summary of April and May, although a bit tired,but also a lot of gains.SYM interviewed a lot of foreign customers.Israeli customer Mr.Yaron, American Mr.Scott, Mr.Smith,Mr.Brien and Mr.Borgart. By contacting each customer,we have a better understanding of the customer’s requirements for their
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Tips of Aluminum Welding

Without doubt, the use of aluminum is increasing within the welding fabrication industry. Manufacturers are often adopting this material, either through innovation, or through pressure applied by their end users. Recently some aluminum welding problems have arisen during operation (as seen in the pi
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customer visit machining shop

Customer Visit Machining shop

New customer visit machining shop A new customer visit machining shop in China, on April,21th.2016 . SYM interview one famous Swedish customer,this company manufacturing spring and  airshock units, their product are used popularly in high-end brand automotive area,Motorsport industry. After presenta
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How to control the quality of metal machined parts

Quality is always key point for metal machined parts,SYM we understand the importance of ensuring the tolerance for our customers. 1. A whole set of quality system As an ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 compliant supplier ,we keep the quality in the mind all the time . For the while ,the employee of SY
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precision CNC turning services

6 Points You Should Know About a Fixture of CNC Turning

Tips of Precision CNC Turning Precision CNC turning processing technology similar to ordinary lathe processing technology, but because of precision CNC turning is a fixture, continuous automatic processing to complete all turning operations, so we should pay attention to the following aspects.  
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precision engineering parts

Share density of raw material for precision engineering

Density of raw material for precision engineering design SYM would like to share density of raw material for precision engineering, hope can help you on your product design.   Material g/cm3   Material g/cm3   Material g/cm3 Gray Iron(≤HT200) 7.2   Zinc plate 7.15   hard PVC 1.45 Gray Iron(<
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CNC precision machining and benchwork

CNC precision machining and benchwork which is stronger?

CNC Precision Machining and Benchwork CNC Precision machining is important, but Benchwork is also necessary .Today, in this era of rapid development of automation, more and more people ignore the manual processing steps benchwork. Some people may ask, Can you make crankshaft of Heavy duty diesel eng
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jig and fixture design and manufacturer

10 basic principles of jig and fixture design

10 basic principles of jig and fixture design —-SYM can provide precision machining service for your jig and fixture design, or make design according to your requirements. 1. Meet the course workpiece positioning stability and reliability. 2. In order to ensure the construction of the workpiec
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