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tube machined parts

You must to know the material specification for tube machined parts

We got a order of tube machined parts from a Canadian customer in October,big diameter with 65″ long,C1020 material, OD 8″ x 0.75″ wall, it’s difficult to buy this inch tube in China,unless make mold specially,but the MOQ is 10T. The offer we provided to custoer is based on O
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delrin machined parts

How to reduce the distortion of Delrin Machined Parts during processing?

POM/ Delrin. Thermoplastic crystalline polymer,it is known as ‘super steel’,with high mechanical strength and rigidity,strong impact resistance,used for widely temperature range (-40℃~120℃). At present,the Delrin as lower cost of plastic,It is replacing some of the markets that have trad
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High quality machined products for clients

This afternoon, there are many new parts that need finish QA for high quality machined products before shipment. The high quality is put as the first in Sheng Yuan Mechanical Equipment Engineering CO., LTD (SYM) For high quality machined products, there are several sections that need inspector stric
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6 advantages of High-speed cutting in mold processing

Due to mold processing features is single and small batch, complex geometry.thus processing cycle is long, low productivity.In the conventional mold process, finishing crushed hard tooling commonly used EDM and artificial light repair process, spent a lot of time in later processing.Shorten the proc
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How to control the quality of metal machined parts

Quality is always key point for metal machined parts,SYM we understand the importance of ensuring the tolerance for our customers. 1. A whole set of quality system As an ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 compliant supplier ,we keep the quality in the mind all the time . For the while ,the employee of SY
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aluminium machining parts

4 factors must be considered in aluminium machining

Precision Aluminium Machining In order to obtain dimension stable in processing of aluminium machining,you must consider below factors. 1.The stability of the machine itself Mechanical aspects: loose between the servo motor and lead screw, ball screw or nut bearing wear, insufficient lubrication bet
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precision CNC turning

Skills of CNC turning in the processing thread

Skills of CNC Turning Process Four standard thread can be done by CNC turning,No matter what kind of thread turning, we must maintain a strict relationship between movement lathe spindle and tool,That is a turn per spindle, the tool should be moved away from a lead evenly. The following analysis by
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High quality CNC machining services

New Machine For High Quality CNC Machining Services

New machine for high quality CNC machining services Due to provide you high quality CNC machining services, SYM income new CNC machining center on Nov,16th.2015. FANUC ROBODRILL a-D21MiA FANUC ROBODRILL is a fully-fledged compact CNC milling, tapping and drilling center that delivers unrivalled qual
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high quality machined parts

3 simple ways to identify the stainless steel—To obtain high quality machined parts

How to obtain high quality machined parts ? If you want to obtain high quality machined parts,the key point is material.there are 3 simple ways to identify the stainless steel. 1.Magnetic test The magnetic test is the easiest way to distinguish annealing austenitic stainless steel and ferritic stain
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CNC precision machining and benchwork

CNC precision machining and benchwork which is stronger?

CNC Precision Machining and Benchwork CNC Precision machining is important, but Benchwork is also necessary .Today, in this era of rapid development of automation, more and more people ignore the manual processing steps benchwork. Some people may ask, Can you make crankshaft of Heavy duty diesel eng
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