Quality Control of Custom Machined Parts In House

Good quality of custom machined parts with high tolerance, SYM precision machining inspect all dimensions according to your prints, control quality in house.

Our quality system conforms to and is certified to the ISO 9001 and TS 16949.

SYM precision machining has established a whole set of quality management system, to ensure high quality machined products services.We have IQC, IPQC, FQC, QA to control the quality strictly step by step.



Incoming materials inspection, include the dimensions confirmation and elements checking.Custom machined parts - quality control room



In process quality control, first article approval, random inspection during machining processing.



Finished product quality control, checking dimensions and appearance before surface treatment or heat treatment.



Checking 100% dimensions according to your drawing and appearance meet to your requirement before the shipment.


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Measuring Instruments

To ensure high precision close tolerance machined components for you

  • In SYM here are

    1 set of CMM
  • X-Y table

    3 sets of 2D image measuring instrument
  • Projector

    3 sets of projector
  • Height gauge

    4 sets of height gauge
  • Spectrum analyzer

    one set of spectrum analyzer,test the raw material
  • Tool microscope

    15 sets of tool microscope cheking product appearance