Precision Machining Service

Focus on precision machining service more than 20 years, SYM is a precision machining manufacturer, provide

— Precision mechanical parts.Precision machining service

— Custom machined parts.

— CNC machined pats.

— Mould components.

— Fixtures and jigs, clamps.

— Stamping Parts.

— Sheet metal and fabrication.


These products are widely used in many mechanical and engineering industry area.

— Mechanical electronic hardware industry.

— Machinery mechanical devices | Automatic equipment assembly projects.

— Optical communication devices.

— Medical devices industry.

— Automotive manufacturing industry.

— Pneumatic tools components.

Material Used

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, High speed steel, Tool steel, Aluminium alloy, Copper alloy, Plastic.


SYM Provide you all custom machining service, such as  CNC Milling , CNC Turning , Manual Machining,Grinding,Wire Cutting, Electric Discharge Machining, Stamping, sheet Metal Fabrication,Tube bending , welding and Mechanical assembly works.

With over 20 years of expericence, our facility is a high close tolerance machining shop,with advanced equipment and professional staff. SYM precision machining team is here to support you on mechanical project forever.


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SYM Service

SYM is here to serve your machined parts and metal fabrication requirement


See What Customers Say

Mr.Zac B. | President | Robotic Company

Mr.Zac B. | President | Robotic Company

We are grateful for your being such a great partner and for all your hard work in coordinating and rushing through our parts. You have helped us tremendously in our new product launch.
Mr.Louis K. | CEO/President | Machinery Company

Mr.Louis K. | CEO/President | Machinery Company

I hope to be able to give you plenty of business in the future,your company has been a good and faithful supplier to us.

Dr.Andrey G.|CEO |Plasma-Vacuum Equipment

Dr.Andrey G.|CEO |Plasma-Vacuum Equipment

Thank you for cooperation. Parts are very good. I am waiting last part to finish an assembly.
Mr.Ravi K. | Owner|Mechanical Engineering Company

Mr.Ravi K. | Owner|Mechanical Engineering Company

We are all interdependent in business world, I am thankful for working together all these years. I respect you all and your company,I keep asking many questions,susan has always helped me which is extra time for her.I can't thank her enough.

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Why Us?

There are 6 reasons to choose us

1. Best In Quality-------- A whole set of quality management system to make sure good quality of your machining needs.

2. Delivery On Time-------- Implemented the WIP process control system to show the schedule clearly.

3. Offordable Prices-------- Reasonable profit to help you win more projects.

4. Feedback In Time-------- Project team members will follow up all things for your needs, keep fast feedback.

5. Sample Provided-------- Free sample will be provided for your approval before mass production.

6. Small Qty' Acceptable-------- Some manual machine special for you small quantity request.