SYM Precision Machining Shop

Precision machining shop for you with advanced and all kinds of production equipment, to meet your high quality needs and mass production demand, SYM machining shop include: slow-wire cutting processing workshop, CNC machining workshop,CNC turning work shop,milling machine workshop,grinding machine workshop and ultrasonic cleaning room.


  •  Japanese Sodick slow wire cutting machineSYM precision machining shop

—–Adopts the new processing with high speed and high precision. It has the linear electric motor servo system. The shaft drive mechanism of the system features, its speed with high response and function of precise positioning.

  • Miyano CNC Lathe

 —–High rotate speed, good rigidity of main shaft, stable performance, with 0.0002″ of cutting precision.

  • American HAAS processing Center


  • Beijing Jdpaint


  • Taiwan Gentiger Milling machine


  • Taiwan Yuqing Grinding machine


Want to know more about SYM production ability,please don’t hesitate to contact us ask for SYM equipment list or other information.