precision machining
CNC machining process complex parts

Analysis and design of cnc machining process for complex parts

CNC Machining Process for Complex Parts Complex parts are the most common processing products in CNC machining process. Its processing route will be covered, Including selection processing methods, division of processing stage, division process, processing sequence arrangement and determination of t
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Grinding process team

Grinding Process

What is grinding process? Grinding process is also known as grinding machining. Grinding is machining the surface of metal parts by grinding wheel,oil stone and abrasive. The machine tool that uses grinding wheel is usually called grinding machine,the machine tool that uses oil stone and abrasive is
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Israeli customer

Learning details of precision machining project from customers

Summary of April and May, although a bit tired,but also a lot of gains.SYM interviewed a lot of foreign customers.Israeli customer Mr.Yaron, American Mr.Scott, Mr.Smith,Mr.Brien and Mr.Borgart. By contacting each customer,we have a better understanding of the customer’s requirements for their
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CNC Machining, the key link in processing

With the continuous development of SYM Machining, the factory facilities and personal management improves over time. Recently, our factory purchases several CNC machines for meeting the increased production demanding and sets these in the third floor where remains empty before and plans to set up mo
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6 advantages of High-speed cutting in mold processing

Due to mold processing features is single and small batch, complex geometry.thus processing cycle is long, low productivity.In the conventional mold process, finishing crushed hard tooling commonly used EDM and artificial light repair process, spent a lot of time in later processing.Shorten the proc
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precision components manufacturer in China

10 Chinese manufacturing focus areas for future

Focus on precision components manufacturer There are many precision components manufacturer in China, how about the precision machining market in the future? There are 10 Chinese manufacturing focus for future. 1.New generation of information technology industry (3D printing, 5G networks, car networ
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Application of fiber optic connectors

Application of fiber optic connectors ——SYM focus on every kind of fiber optic connectors custom machining over 20 years. Today, optical communications technology has been very mature, optical fiber communication is the main transmission of various communication networks, optical fiber c
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SYM precision machining shop

What is CNC machining?

What is CNC machining? CNC machining is the machining with CNC machining tool carried. CNC index controlled by the NC machine tool programming language control. CNC—Computer Numerically Controlled, this control system is capable of handling a control logic codes or other symbols Directive prog
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advanced machining

Bring in new machine—advanced machining

Advanced machining solution Due to meet advanced machining requirements, SYM just bring in 3 sets of new CNC lathe,the brand is star,SR-20J. The SR-20J provides superior cost capability performance ,The original design achieves maximum rigidity and flexibility, as well as enhanced tooling to capital
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QPQ nitriding

QPQ Nitriding

Do you know QPQ Nitriding? QPQ Nitriding  is a process for producing a thin, high-hardness case that is wear and corrosion resistant. QPQ Nitriding widely used in industry for decades, is mainly used to improve the abrasion resistance of steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other materials, and to
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